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495 bridge opens, tolls increase on route 1 this weekend

The 495 bridge Soutbound lanes were opened this evening for rush hour traffic.  It may be closed periodically for tweeking, but it has been opened a month a head of schedule.  Be safe traveling this weekend.  Which will cost you a few dollars more on route 1 now.   Starting at 7 p.m. on August 1 the weekend tolls will increase to $3.  This schedule will continue every weekend until 11 p.m. Sunday Evening.  There is a chart below for the weekend increases.

Route 1 access ramps at Denny’s Road and Boyd’s Corner will remain at 50 cents for Class 2 passenger vehicles and 50 cents per axle for all commercial class vehicles. The fee for the Route 1 access ramp at Smyrna will remain at 25 cents for Class 2 passenger vehicles and 25 cents per axle for all commercial class vehicles.

Route 1 Toll Rates                     Monday – Friday          Weekend

Class 2 Passenger Vehicle              $1.00                          $3.00

Class 3 Vehicle                                   $3.00                          $5.00

Class 4 Vehicle                                   $4.00                          $6.00

Class 5 Vehicle                                   $5.00                          $7.00

Class 6 Vehicle                                   $6.00                          $8.00

Wide Load Permit Vehicles              $11.00                        $11.00

EX pass will still receive the same discounts.  Everyone have a safe weekend!

keepin it reel,


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Augustine Beach Boat Ramp to close periodically for maintenance dredging from Aug. 4 – Sept. 18

DNREC  press release …
Augustine Beach Boat Ramp to close periodically for maintenance dredging from Aug. 4 – Sept. 18


DOVER (July 30, 2014) – The Augustine Beach Boat Ramp near Port Penn and adjacent intertidal beach located on the south side of the existing groin will be closed periodically starting Monday, Aug. 4 through Thursday, Sept.18, for maintenance dredging of the boat ramp access channel, DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife announced today.

The Augustine Beach Boat Ramp will be closed from 8 a.m. on Mondays until 5 p.m. on Thursdays, reopening from 5 p.m. each Thursday until 8 a.m. each Monday during this time frame. The boat ramp also will be temporarily reopened for the long Labor Day weekend at 5 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 28, until 8 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 2. The Augustine Beach parking lot will remain open for the duration of the dredging project.

Weather permitting, the project is expected to be complete, with full access restored, on or about September 18.

Boaters who regularly use the Augustine Beach Boat Ramp may opt to use the Fort DuPont Boat Ramp, located approximately 5 miles north in Delaware City.

For more information, please call the Fisheries Section at 302-739-9914.

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Angels in the surf and monks at the old grounds

angle shark, atlantic sharks, surf fishing, prohibited species

Angel shark in the surf.

The other day we were sent a picture of an angel shark that was caught in the surf and this is not the first one caught this year.  Aahron Jost was working on a head boat fishing the old grounds and they hooked into an angel out there.  These are also prohibited sharks and are to be released immediately.  When reeling them in for the first time many people mistake them for a skate.  They have similar looking body structures, a winged head area, but the angel has a shark body.  It can still be a little confusing for the first time seeing one.  A few of these sharks were caught last year about this time and that is the first one we have heard of from the surf in a long time.  A couple of monk fish were caught at the old grounds this week as well while founder fishing.  Ugly fish, great tasting.  Fishing for the most part has been just like every other summer, just the frequency of catches changes year to year.


flounder, inland bays, masseys ditch, back bays, Atlantic flatties, fluke

Dallen Eastburn flounder pounding the inland bays

Flounder are still heavy at the old grounds, structure of the Delaware bay and ocean.  Minnows, squid strips, and gulp have been the best baits.   The inland bays, Masseys ditch, Lewes canal, Broadkill river, and the bay beaches have seen their fair share of flattie action.  Broadkill beach anglers have caught a few turtles and managed to release them unharmed.  That happens this time of year, so please handle them with care.  If you run into an issue with a turtle caught or snagged up please contact MERR, 302 228 5029 sending a text message with as much detail as possible is recommended.  That goes for any marine mammal stranding you encounter.  Anglers are the eyes and ears of this area when it comes to many reported strandings.

Croaker and kingfish action have been decent in the surf.  Several citation kingfish have been caught this week.  Croaker are all over the place, it is almost impossible not to catch one.  Squid, fishbites bloodworm formula, and clam pieces have been great baits for the smaller fish.  Spot are abundant at the Henlopen pier as well as croaker and small flounder.  The obligatory skate, ray, and sharks are always in the surf and surrounding bays.   Ninety percent of the sharks you catch from the surf are prohibited species, please leave them in the water when you release them and try not to handle them too much.  Picking them up is not only illegal but a good way to get bit.  If you can’t remove the hook just cut it as close to the eye as possible.  If you can’t ID the shark, it is a good idea to just release it.  “If you don’t know, let it go”.


kingfish, cape henlopen state park, citation fish

Gavin Comely with a citation kingfish from the surf at Cape Henlopen

The bluefish have been random at best in the surf and inlets.  When they show up the catching is good but it does not last long.  Small plugs at the Indian river inlet or one ounce jig heads with a white worm are working good for blues and resident striped bass.  A couple of one or two ounce bucktails tied in tandem like a speck rig work great for the inlets and rock walls.  Mullet on mullet rigs are good in the surf and even a top and bottom rig with squid pieces or mullet chunks will produce the blues.  Wednesday Steve and I fed about a box of squid and mullet to what ever was hitting our bait.  More than likely it was bluefish, but it is hard to tell when you can’t see the fish.  It is easy to tell when you pull in half a mullet that was sliced surgically by those choppers.  That is usually your best indicator, bluefish are about the only fish that chop up fish.  I usually add a second hook to a mullet rig.  I tie a small two aught circle hook to the top of the float at the eye, and then run the hook along the mullet and hook into the tail.  I have caught a few blues on the same mullet since the tail hook gets them before they get the bait.


mahi mahi, baltimore canyon, offshore action

Ashley Howard’s dad with a mahi mahi from the Baltimore Canyon

Tautog season ends the thirty first of August and doesn’t start back up until September twenty ninth.  There are a ton of little sea bass along the walls at the Indian river inlet, and some nice sized keepers are coming back on the charters.  Spotted hake have been caught while flounder fishing the old grounds and a few other areas, we are still seeing little ones in the surf here and there.   The outer wall has seen its fair share of sheepshead, trigger, and slot striped bass catches.  Live sand fleas are great for trigger, sheep, and tog.  Plugs are working well for the striped bass, just fish along the wall.  Haven’t seen as many weakfish this week, but I have heard tell they are still hitting in many of the bay beach and back bay areas.

Off shore action has been hot you just have to be in the right spots.  The hot spots change as the fish move around but the catching has been great when they find the fish.   The mahi and tuna action has been good.  Crabbing is still decent and is about the only thing you need bunker for bait, but not as good as last year.  The clamming is great if you find a good area.  I have some friends that have their secret honey holes and they have been loading up on clams.  Hopefully I can get out with them when I get back from vacation.  I am deep in the mountains where the phone signals are sketchy at best, and we don’t care.  I have to come down the mountain just to make a phone call and get a signal to send in this report.  Have a great week and see you in the sandbox soon, but for now it is trout fishing the rivers or a lazy float on the lake for this guy.  I am also fifty minutes away from great striper fishing I have been told, so a road trip might be in order to the coast.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Beach Clean up on Sunday

Tomorrow there is a beach clean up for Delaware Seashore State Park hosted by the Delaware Surf Report crew on Facebook.  “Tomorrow’s cleanup crew will meet at north inlet parking lot at Indian River between 8 and 8:30. See you there!  I picked up the gloves and trash bags from the Indian River Marina today! I registered the event with the parks volunteer service website. Very excited for Sunday ”   These boys that run the page were swimming one day and collected a lot of trash floating in the water while they were surfing and decided they wanted to organize a beach clean up.  Good to see people getting involved with keeping our beaches clean.  We will resume beach clean ups as soon as the season is over so there will be less crowds to contend with on the weekends.  Hope to see everyone out there.   Fishing has been normal “ish” for the summer so far.  I will have a report up later this evening.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Life Rings at Indian River Inlet saves lives

indian river inlet, life rings, delmarva boy scouts, lions club

Life Ring used on Sunday to save a life … photo by Steve DiGirolamo


life ring at indian river inlet, delmarva boy scouts, iri

Plaque on the life rings at Indian River Inlet

These life rings are along the rail at the Indian River Inlet, and this Sunday one was put to good use.  Big shout out to Jacob Martin from Delmarva Boy Scout Troop 281 in Ocean View for having the life rings installed at the Indian River Inlet for his Eagle Scout service project.  Steve DiGirolamo was at the northside checking surf conditions on Sunday when … ” Today, while I was checking the waves at North Side, I saw Gary Revel running off the jetty, grab the ring pictured, and run back to the jetty. I ran up and met him on the rocks and he told me a kid who was body boarding got swept over the rocks and was in the inlet. We managed to get the ring to him and got him up on the rocks, and although scared to death and bleeding everywhere from the scrapes he is going to be ok.  Yes, we were there to get the ring to him, but if it wasn’t for Eagle Scout Jacob Martin there wouldn’t have been a ring there to toss. His father was gracious and appreciative, we told him to not let this little incident keep him from surfing, just a learning experience. Heck, I’ve been washed in the inlet before…. just not such gnarly conditions.”   Steve DiGirolamo is  an Assistant Troop Leader with Troop 281 it makes him proud that our boys are doing something positive for our community.  Thank you again Jacob Martin you did a great thing and saved a life on Sunday, Kudos to you.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Keeping Delaware’s Beaches Clean

beach clean ups, dsf, trashed beaches, kids helping the environment

Cierra Tkachuk with her “take” from the beach.

In the early spring we organized weekly beach clean ups and the turnout was great.  Every Saturday or Sunday for two months we would get a variety of volunteers to help clean the beaches.  All of the trash we removed was washed up on our beaches and not from the influx of tourists every year.  We will resume these cleanups after the summer season has ended.  It is much easier for people to get around in the off season.  Many people I know will clean up the beach area they are near when they are surf fishing.  I also hope we have inspired others o do the same.  That is the reason for this story, to congratulate one young lady who has taken those weekly clean ups to the next level.  Every weekend they could make it out, the Tkachuk  family would  help scour the beaches for trash.  There were a lot of kids that would come out and help, but I never expected these clean ups to inspire one to take that even further.     This is Cierra Tkachuk, and now when she goes surf fishing with her parents and sister she makes it a point to clean up trash.

beach clean ups, beach trash, kids helping the environment, dsf

Cierra collecting trash on the beach

One day when we were cleaning Beach Plum Island she came running back to the group and said she found a boat.  We all figured it was a little toy boat, but it turns out it was a partial hull from an old fiberglass boat.   Alex, her dad, had to hook it up to the tow rope to drag it off the beach.  Cierra was so proud of her find she rode the boat off the beach.  Chrissie, her mom, sent me some pictures the other day and this story … “I have to share this story… This spring we did several beach clean ups with DSF. Ever since then my 8yr old makes it her mission to clean up whatever beach we end up on.  EVERY TIME!  Tonight we worked for about an hour and collected 6 shoes, a bathing suit, several bait containers, broken toys, about a dozen Mylar balloons, a cooler lid, among lots of other’s “trash” Here is her “take” from today…She makes me very proud!!  “

beach clean up, beach plum island, kids keeping the beaches clean

Alex Tkachuk dragging the boat hull off the beach

We are very proud that Cierra has taken it upon herself to keep the beaches clean anytime she is out there.  I fish with the family as often as I can and we always grab trash.  I had no idea Cierra had taken keeping the beaches clean to heart and that is inspirational.  Wouldn’t it be great if others would follow her example.  One of the reasons we stopped doing the clean ups during the summer is the fact the beaches get very crowded on a weekend and it makes collecting more difficult.  However, if you feel so motivated to help out, this Saturday the Delaware Surf Reports crew is going to host a beach clean up … ” We will meet at the North Jetty parking lot at Indian River Inlet at 8:30 AM. The cleanup will start at the rocks and we will push north towards Dewey (only as far as we are comfortable.) I hope to see you out there! Please share this with your friends! “

Big thanks to Cierra Tkachuk for taking our weekly beach clean ups to another level.  It is a true inspiration to see kids taking an interest in helping the environment.  We are very proud it helped inspire her motivation.  We hope to see you out there Saturday and at future weekly clean ups in the off season.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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