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Cats On The Loose in Delaware


jaguar on beach, cape henlopen state park, tow truck on beach

The elusive Beach Jaguar caught today by a tow truck

So I am sure by now everyone has heard about the twenty thousand dollar exotic pet cat that is on the loose up north in the Brandywine Hundred.  Apparently this cat named Boo, escaped from his owners dwelling, and has been on the loose for almost two weeks.  It resembles a small leopard with a little head, large ears, elongated neck,long slender legs, and a pale yellow coat with natural black spots.  This is a domesticated F1 Savannah cat, and is apparently harmless to kids and pets.  So now the question is who wants to go on safari in New Castle?  I am kidding, hopefully they find this cat and it is returned to its owners.  Another exotic cat was spotted on a Delaware Beach today, apparently the  Beach Jaguar has started running in the surf.  We didn’t realize the season was still active for them here, but apparently this one was caught off guard today by a large tow truck.  When in its natural habitat, the beach jaguar, grey in color, featuring All Wheel Drive for those quick getaways, can also quickly bury itself to the frame as a defense mechanism.   Read more ›

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The Fall Run … Coming Soon to a Beach Near You?


striped bass, atlantic city, one stop bait and tackle, faall run, spring run, rockfish, rock the rocks, fresh bunker

Striped bass caught in Atlantic City from the surf … photo by One Stop Bait and Tackle

So when are the big bass going to arrive?  I think I hear that question ten times a day.  My answer is always, when they get here and then all you can do is smile.  Honestly to call exactly when the fall run will arrive in Delaware is hard, only the fish know.  So you have to watch other sites for reports, and talk to friends up and down the coast.  In the past few days striped bass have been showing up in large numbers in New Jersey.  Last weekend some nice fish were weighed in at a local shop in Atlantic City, One Stop Bait and Tackle.    Today this fifty inch, forty four pound behemoth was weighed in and caught in the surf on Fresh bunker.  So with that being said, when will we see the fall run bass hit Delaware?  They will get here when they get here.  It is safe to say the fall run has begun and as you know it comes in waves.  The first wave seems to have hit Atlantic City already.  Farther north in New Jersey bass are showing up in the surf and offshore.  The fact we have some but not a lot of bait fish along our shoreline and the mullet run was for naught this year is going to be a factor.  We will have to see how close these bass come to shore this year to feed.  Normally the fall run does not heat up until mid November, some will tell you after the first full moon is the optimum time and that has always been a good rule of thumb.  This year we may see everything start a little earlier, since the water temperatures have been dropping dramatically.  Every year after the first waves of fish show up the fishing does get better and better that is a given.  This weekend we have a storm that will roll through like a nor’easter especially in the Northeast, hopefully that will push fish in our direction, and drop the water temperatures even more.  Be careful what you wish for, the faster those temperatures drop the faster the fish will swim south.  Last year we were seeing striped bass here into January.

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Making a wishing I was fishing dream come true

We were contacted a month ago about a young man who wanted to visit the beaches in Delmarva and go surf fishing by one of our followers on Facebook.  She told us about this young man’s wish to go fishing at the beach in Delmarva.  I contacted the Hero Network organization, signed up to help with this young man’s wish, and contacted the family.  “He has High Functioning Autism, Ankylosing Spondylitis (a form of arthritis that effects the spine and eyes)and Celiac’s Disease(so he is on a gluten free diet). We had a wish to go fishing and it was granted.BUT he got sick and we didn’t get to finish our trip. Bug really wanted to fish. He is totally obsessed with fishing, but has never surf fished ”   We arranged to make this happen the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Read more ›

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Garrisons Lake north parking lot and footbridge to close Nov. 3-Dec. 31 for upgrades to dam

Garrison Lake Footbridge, dnrec, spillway, lakes in Delaware, smyrna, freshwater fishing, large mouth bass, crappie, perch, bluegills,

Garrison Lake Footbridge photo from DNREC

Garrisons Lake north parking lot and footbridge to close Nov. 3-Dec. 31 for upgrades to dam 

DOVER (Oct. 28, 2014) – Access to the north parking lot and fishing footbridge at Garrisons Lake near Smyrna will be closed from Monday, Nov. 3 through Wednesday, Dec. 31 to allow contractors to perform construction work along the dam, DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife announced today. Read more ›

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Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier Closed For Repairs

DNREC closes Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier for safety reasons

Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier, harbor of safe refuge

Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier. Photo by DSF

LEWES (Oct. 27, 2014) – DNREC Division of Parks & Recreation Director Ray Bivens has ordered the immediate closure of the aging Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier as a safety measure after a recent structural analysis report found that the pier required significant repairs if it is to continue to be used by the public for angling and other recreational activities.

An engineering analysis for DNREC completed by Baker, Ingram and Associates found that the pier should be taken out of service and pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the pier prohibited until repairs are made to a minimum of 24 wooden pilings that support the World War II-era structure. Read more ›

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