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Life Rings at Indian River Inlet saves lives

indian river inlet, life rings, delmarva boy scouts, lions club

Life Ring used on Sunday to save a life … photo by Steve DiGirolamo


life ring at indian river inlet, delmarva boy scouts, iri

Plaque on the life rings at Indian River Inlet

These life rings are along the rail at the Indian River Inlet, and this Sunday one was put to good use.  Big shout out to Jacob Martin from Delmarva Boy Scout Troop 281 in Ocean View for having the life rings installed at the Indian River Inlet for his Eagle Scout service project.  Steve DiGirolamo was at the northside checking surf conditions on Sunday when … ” Today, while I was checking the waves at North Side, I saw Gary Revel running off the jetty, grab the ring pictured, and run back to the jetty. I ran up and met him on the rocks and he told me a kid who was body boarding got swept over the rocks and was in the inlet. We managed to get the ring to him and got him up on the rocks, and although scared to death and bleeding everywhere from the scrapes he is going to be ok.  Yes, we were there to get the ring to him, but if it wasn’t for Eagle Scout Jacob Martin there wouldn’t have been a ring there to toss. His father was gracious and appreciative, we told him to not let this little incident keep him from surfing, just a learning experience. Heck, I’ve been washed in the inlet before…. just not such gnarly conditions.”   Steve DiGirolamo is  an Assistant Troop Leader with Troop 281 it makes him proud that our boys are doing something positive for our community.  Thank you again Jacob Martin you did a great thing and saved a life on Sunday, Kudos to you.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Keeping Delaware’s Beaches Clean

beach clean ups, dsf, trashed beaches, kids helping the environment

Cierra Tkachuk with her “take” from the beach.

In the early spring we organized weekly beach clean ups and the turnout was great.  Every Saturday or Sunday for two months we would get a variety of volunteers to help clean the beaches.  All of the trash we removed was washed up on our beaches and not from the influx of tourists every year.  We will resume these cleanups after the summer season has ended.  It is much easier for people to get around in the off season.  Many people I know will clean up the beach area they are near when they are surf fishing.  I also hope we have inspired others o do the same.  That is the reason for this story, to congratulate one young lady who has taken those weekly clean ups to the next level.  Every weekend they could make it out, the Tkachuk  family would  help scour the beaches for trash.  There were a lot of kids that would come out and help, but I never expected these clean ups to inspire one to take that even further.     This is Cierra Tkachuk, and now when she goes surf fishing with her parents and sister she makes it a point to clean up trash.

beach clean ups, beach trash, kids helping the environment, dsf

Cierra collecting trash on the beach

One day when we were cleaning Beach Plum Island she came running back to the group and said she found a boat.  We all figured it was a little toy boat, but it turns out it was a partial hull from an old fiberglass boat.   Alex, her dad, had to hook it up to the tow rope to drag it off the beach.  Cierra was so proud of her find she rode the boat off the beach.  Chrissie, her mom, sent me some pictures the other day and this story … “I have to share this story… This spring we did several beach clean ups with DSF. Ever since then my 8yr old makes it her mission to clean up whatever beach we end up on.  EVERY TIME!  Tonight we worked for about an hour and collected 6 shoes, a bathing suit, several bait containers, broken toys, about a dozen Mylar balloons, a cooler lid, among lots of other’s “trash” Here is her “take” from today…She makes me very proud!!  “

beach clean up, beach plum island, kids keeping the beaches clean

Alex Tkachuk dragging the boat hull off the beach

We are very proud that Cierra has taken it upon herself to keep the beaches clean anytime she is out there.  I fish with the family as often as I can and we always grab trash.  I had no idea Cierra had taken keeping the beaches clean to heart and that is inspirational.  Wouldn’t it be great if others would follow her example.  One of the reasons we stopped doing the clean ups during the summer is the fact the beaches get very crowded on a weekend and it makes collecting more difficult.  However, if you feel so motivated to help out, this Saturday the Delaware Surf Reports crew is going to host a beach clean up … ” We will meet at the North Jetty parking lot at Indian River Inlet at 8:30 AM. The cleanup will start at the rocks and we will push north towards Dewey (only as far as we are comfortable.) I hope to see you out there! Please share this with your friends! “

Big thanks to Cierra Tkachuk for taking our weekly beach clean ups to another level.  It is a true inspiration to see kids taking an interest in helping the environment.  We are very proud it helped inspire her motivation.  We hope to see you out there Saturday and at future weekly clean ups in the off season.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Northside Parking Lot is Now Open at IRI


northside parking lot, indian river inlet, charles w cullen bridge, delaware seashore state park, indian river coast guard station

Northside parking lot … photo by Steve DiGirolamo

The northside parking lot at the Indian River Inlet is now open.  The  temporary parking lot next to the Indian River Coast Guard Station is closed.  The work on the new RV campground is progressing nicely, and work will soon start on the temporary parking lot to turn that into RV camping as well. .  The new parking lot, for those that do not know is next to the Charles W Cullen bridge where the original parking lot used to be located.  Once you enter the access road to the Indian River Inlet the parking lot entrance is located just before the curve to take the access road towards the marina parking lot.  The parking lot across from the center for the Inland bays is still open and is a good place to park for access to bubble gum beach.  There is an iron ranger there to pay for parking, that is the grey box where you put the payment envelopes.  This is the spill over parking lot where the DelDot trailers were located during the bridge construction.  Good to see the progress of the construction at the Indian River Inlet.  The southside primitive camping area has been open for a while, and there is ample parking at the southside for the beach and inlet access.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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Sand Tiger Shark washes up on a Delaware Beach

sand tiger shark, delaware beaches, shark fishing in delaware

Sand Tiger shark washed up on a Delaware beach with hook and line attached

Earlier this morning a large sand tiger shark washed up on a beach in Delaware.  It had a large hook in its mouth and a long leader.  You can see in the picture that the line was snapped off probably during the retrieve.   The shark was seen last night floundering in the surf and then washed up on the beach this morning.  Unfortunately it is unknown where, how, or when the shark was hooked.  Well the how is rather obvious, since it was caught on a fishing line that was obviously rigged for catching a shark.  The braided line in the picture does not look very adequate for retrieving a shark of this size.  The problem with fishing for sharks in Delaware waters near shore or onshore is the fact most of the time you will catch a prohibited species.  This means they are not to be removed from the water at any time.  Without the proper gear or knowledge of how to release these animals safely in the water, this is going to become a more common site.  There are more and more people targeting sharks these days.  If you do go shark fishing please make sure you have the proper gear and knowledge to safely release these animals.  I have been waist deep in the surf to release a sand tiger that was upwards of ten feet long.  It is a little scary being that up close and personal with these animals in their environment.  I know the rules for releasing prohibited sharks is hard to swallow for many people but the rule is there for the protection of these animals as a management tool.  They migrate to our waters to nurse their young every year.  Which makes for an abundance in numbers of these animals.  Just keep in mind you are not allowed to remove them from the water and use the proper gear.  If you do not have the proper gear, do not target them it is that simple.  If you need to cut the line from the hook do so as close to the hook eye as possible.  Dragging a lot of line around with them can be an issue in and of itself.  As far as proper handling goes I saw a video today of people tail roping a sand tiger to drag it up the beach.  That was not even a necessary process and is even more detrimental to the animal than you may think.  Please be respectful of our toothy units when you are fishing.  We hate seeing animals killed unnecessarily for sport.

Thank You

Rich King

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Releasing the hounds in the surf

bluefish, mullet rigs, fenwick island, atlantic fishing

Tom Price and Matt Fetters … with some blues from Fenwick Island

Just a heads up, but rumor on campus is Gordon’s Pond will open up this Friday the eighteenth.  That is just a rumor, and has not been made official yet however we have heard tell it is true.  Looking forward to fishing the new Cape Henlopen airstrip again, more room on the beach is always a good thing.  The point will not reopen until September first as usual.  Maybe that will open a little earlier this year, but don’t count on it, however sometimes it happens.  Tautog season opens July 17 (tomorrow) until August 31, 15 inches and 5 a day limit.  I’m sure the usual spots will be crowded, and the charters will start booking up fast.  Great fish to eat, and can be tricky to catch.  Sand fleas are abundant in the surf if you want to put in the time digging, it doesn’t take long to fill up a bucket.  Don’t forget it is still slot season for Striped bass in the Delaware bay and her tributaries.  I have seen some nice catches the past week for slot fish.  In fact fishing this past week has been decent, especially for flounder and croaker.   Crabbing and clamming has been okay when you get into them.  Not as good as past years for crabbing but not bad either depending on where you go and who you talk with.

dogfish head, atlantic fish, fish and chips, sand shark, cape henlopen state park

Anthony Purdy making the beaches safer one dogfish at a time

The flatties are all over the place from the inland bays, masseys ditch, Indian river inlet, Lewes canal, Broadkill river, Roosevelt Inlet, Delaware bay, the old Grounds, and B buoy.  The Henlopen pier has been decent to spotty.  Gulp, squid and minnows have been the best baits.   Croaker and spot are popping up everywhere still.  Spot used for chunk bait or stripped out make decent flounder bait as well.  Some people like to use flounder belly meat for flounder bait and that is okay so long as you have the carcass the belly meat came from with you at the time.  Obviously it must be from a keeper flounder.  Small chunks of bluefish work well too in the surf as well as sandfleas.  fish for them in the first 10 feet of water just behind the first wave.  The flounder are in there feeding on sand fleas and small baitfish.  Minnows work okay in the surf but don’t last long in the saltwater.  Keeping them in brackish to freshwater is the best, and if you do take them to the beach do not add saltwater to their container it will kill them off faster.  Keeping  them wrapped up in a cool wet towel is really the best way to keep the mummichug minnows.

delaware fisherwoman, kingfish, cape henlopen state park,

Carly Breen’s casting has paid off with a nice kingfish. Look out boys she is becoming quite the Delaware Fisherwomen

You will still find skates, rays, dogfish, sharks, and the like in the surf as well as everywhere else.  You can’t get away from the scavenger fish and for the most part they are still fun to catch.  However a day of skating can get old, even on the beach. If you keep running into nothing but skates or scavengers change up your bait and rigs.  Most of your cut baits, if not all, will attract more scavengers.  Fishbites, peeler crab, and clam make for good baits to stay away from the scavengers and more towards the fishies like kingfish, spotted hake, croaker, spot, etc.  Mullet rigs have been producing bluefish the past few days from Fenwick Island state park to Cape Henlopen State park.  The craziest surf catch this week goes to Mike Fetters with a houndfish on a mullet rig.  These look like needlefish but get much larger and are notorious jumpers.  Mike said it leaped several times on the retrieve adding to the excitement.  Houndfish in some cases have been known to jump across the deck of low boats and kayaks, freaking out boaters and in some cases impaling them with their sharp “beaks” .  I wouldn’t worry about that here as much as in the warmer southern seas below North Carolina.

houndfish, needlefish, fenwick island, atlantic fish,

Mike Fetters and his houndfish from the surf

The offshore action has been great with bluefin and yellow fin tuna, tilefish, and mahi mahi.  I am sure everyone saw the new state record mahi mahi recently caught.  The charters have been doing well.  The White Marlin Open starts August fourth and many people are already gearing up for the tournament.  Always an interesting time watching the boats come in and see the catches at the scales.  The water out in the deep blue is always clear and looks so much different than close to shore.  Recently we had clear water here and then the winds picked up and it got a little stirred up in the surf.  The water is looking good and the recent rains will stir it up a little more, but we should see clear water this weekend.  The cold front that came in was a relief from the high humidity and temperatures this week.  Hope Everyone has a great weekend, looking forward to some fishing and fun in the sun, despite the rough days working outside, the beach always seems much better.  The water today was a nice blueish green in the surf.  Hopefully that lasts until and throughout the weekend.

There is a fineline between fishing and just standing on the beach like an idiot, steven wright, dsf apparel, funny fishing slogans

Our newest shirt in the apparel shop

We have new shirts available in the online store.  “There is a fine line between FISHING and just standing on the beach like an IDIOT!”  A very true statement if you do as much fishing as we do on a daily basis.  Standing there all day staring at a rod waiting for it to bounce.  Take your eyes away for a few seconds, miss the fish hit, and reel in a empty hook later.  My favorite is turning your back for a minute to flip a burger, or whatever, and when you look where your rod used to be, there is just a nice carved trench from what ever behemoth of the deep just dragged your rig out to sea.  That always makes ya feel a little dumb.  We just thought it was funny to put on a shirt and true on many levels.  Check it out in the online shop and our other apparel, or at Adkins Produce on Long Neck road.  Don’t forget we have the Gneaux More Gnaughty Gnat spray and it works like a charm on the no-see-ums.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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DNREC fishing photo contest

DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife seeking
great summer shots of Delaware anglers for photo contest

Entries being accepted now through Oct. 15


DNREC photo contest, delaware surf fishing, photo contest, delaware fishing guide,

I take a lot of photos when I am out and about. Send in your best shot this year to DNREC

DOVER (July 8, 2014) – With the summer fishing season in full swing, DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife invites angling and photography enthusiasts to enter the 2014 Delaware Fishing Photo Contest. The winning photo will be featured on the cover or inside of the 2015 Delaware Fishing Guide to be published early next year.

A judging panel comprised of DNREC staff will be looking for photos that best portray this year’s contest theme, “Taking Action for Conservation,” by depicting anglers of all ages using catch-and-release techniques or otherwise demonstrating a conservation-minded action. Judges also will be looking at technical criteria including resolution, clarity and composition.

“After the success of last year’s contest, we are hoping that once again photographers from all over the state will share some of their best images with us, so we can share them with the fishing public,” said Division of Fish and Wildlife Director David Saveikis. “This year we look forward to photos that catch the conservation actions of anglers as they enjoy our great outdoors.”

The contest is open to Delaware residents of all ages, with a maximum of three entries per person. To be eligible, photographs must have been taken in Delaware. Portrait orientation is preferred; landscape photos, if chosen among contest winners, may be cropped for presentation.

Photos must be submitted as 8 x 10 paper or photo quality prints, with no frames or mats and no markings or signatures on the front or back. Winning entries must be available in a digital version with resolution of 300 dpi or greater. Normal processing of RAW image files, minimal cropping and minor adjustments to color and contrast are acceptable. HDR and focus stacking are permitted as long as manipulation is disclosed upon entry. Nothing should be added to the image or, aside from dust spots, taken away. The entrant must hold all rights to the photograph and must not infringe on the rights of any other person. Images that involve unlawful harm to fish or damage to the environment should not be submitted and will not be accepted. Entries will not be returned.

Entries may be mailed to the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife, Attention: Crystal Beck, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901. All entries must be postmarked or delivered by Wednesday, Oct. 15, and must include a completed and signed entry form and photo release form. Information and forms are available on the Division’s website at http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/fw/Pages/FWphoto_contest.aspx and the Fish and Wildlife Facebook page (search Delaware Fish & Wildlife), or may be requested by calling Crystal Beck at 302-739-9911, or email crystal.beck@state.de.us.

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