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Weekend warrior surf fishing

Rory Schuster's 44 inch Striped Bass from 3R's beach in Delaware Seashore State Park

Rory Schuster's 44 inch Striped Bass from 3R's beach in Delaware Seashore State Park

   Well this has been a long, fun weekend.  The surf fishing tournament, as you know was a blast.  There were several good catches from the beaches.  The fishing as of late has been random at best.  We keep seeing huge blitzes that last an hour on the rails, then nothing for a day, and then it is hot again.  The same in the surf and out front in the boats.   The drum showed up in the Delaware bay recently and Joe and Amanda at Lewes Harbor Marina have seen some at the docks.  Do not forget the  Canal Flounder Fishing Tournament this Friday May 18th . I will try to get by and see how things went.

A flounder at 19.5 inches was caught during the surf fishing tournament and a few friends have been getting them in boats while drifting.  I saw several small ones caught on Saturday, “pop tarts” is what I call them, small enough to fit in a toaster.  We saw kingfish all weekend on bloodworms and even squid.  Alan was fishing for big “cow” rays in his kayak.  Actually he was trying for flounder, but the “epic” rides he was getting from the skates made flounder fishing obsolete.  Hopefully he recovers the video he took of this adventure.  Saturday night Alan, his Mom, and Dubi fished the Indian River Inlet and got into the shad thick.  Kandy was catching 2 at a time and the shad are huge this year.  Alan managed a few blue fish in the shad schools but only kept one for food and crab bait. Kudo’s to take what you need, not what you can.  Alan never wastes anything from his catches.  Hopefully we can get him back in a yak this weekend. and ride the bull rays.

Flounder caught at Old Inlet annual spring tournament ... Chris and crew

Flounder caught at Old Inlet annual spring tournament ... Chris and crew

Chris and Jordan were at the rail Saturday night and caught a few shad, saw a keeper striper and hit a few shorties.  They surf fished Sunday evening with Cindy and Nicole on 3R’s and had another Kingfish contest, I have no idea who won.  Jordan managed to catch a small trout at the Inlet the night before and a lot of king fish on 3R’s beach Sunday evening.  I fished Herring Point Beach, Sunday afternoon.  I met Chris, Crissy, Mike and Joel at the beach and ran into Suzanne right next door.  I came up donuts, however my neighbor caught a small striper just before my arrival.  Honestly I put my gear out 3 times at the most, the wind was insane. The beach was packed with surf fishing vehicles. The wind turned horrible and eventually I decided … “I have had enough of the sand blaster“.  I headed out and did a little “recon” at the fishing pier, on my way out of Cape Henlopen State Park.  Nothing seemed to be coming off the boards, except, tired sun burnt anglers, but all smiling from a beautiful day.

 Rory Schuster fished the rail this weekend, and then decided to try the surf.  He was using bunker chunks on 3R’s  and landed a 44 inch striped bass on the dead low tide.  I was sent this photo at about midnight, I had reports coming in with pictures all day and night this weekend.  Thanks Rory, nice catch brother!  Glad you finally made it down here for a little striped bass action.  I know you have been dying to hit one of these monsters.

 18 inch Weakfish caught by Mike Parker of Outdoors Delmarva

18 inch Weakfish caught by Mike Parker of Outdoors Delmarva

 This weekends Calcutta was won by an 18 inch blue fish,  however the most intriguing catch of the weekend goes to Mike Parker of WBOC’s  Outdoors Delmarva.  He sent a picture Saturday night (late) and then called me … Holy cow I just caught an 18 inch weakfish!!  (He was at a private fishing pier getting some down time) …”definitely a surprise. I was fishing off a dock near the isle of white bay. Bottom fishing using squid. Didn’t even feel him nibble, then as I was reeling in, just felt like dead weight, til about 20 yards from the dock, he gave a good fight and splashed around a little. 18 inches on the dot.” … Nice catch Mike and thanks for the heads up, Check out the latest episode of Outdoors Delmarva all about DNREC’s 100th year anniversary.  Great show!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, the weather here is weird today, supposed to be raining, but is just overcast and very windy.  I am fishing somewhere tonight and probably staying local, Massey’s Landing, or hop down to the Indian River Inlet.  Then again it might start raining any minute now, it has been that way all day.  ”Any minute now”… just like waiting at the rail.

Fish On!!

Rich King


I have been fishing since I could walk. My grandfather was an avid surf and deep sea fisherman. He taught us all to fish and we used to drive onto the beaches of Jersey when I was a young boy. I spent a lot of my earlier life fishing freshwater. I moved to this area in 2005 and I have been rekindling my experiences fishing saltwater ever since. I love fishing the surf and just about anywhere else the fish happen to be. I hope you find this site useful and informative. We put this blog together to help some friends to find good fishing information. Enjoy. Please post any info you feel we have missed or what you have been catching, where and what bait etc etc. We do not want Honey holes just public areas and in general location terms.

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2 comments on “Weekend warrior surf fishing
  1. Pockets says:

    Quoted from this post….”Any minute now”…

    Thought that was surf fishing!!!!

  2. Rich King says:

    I Know Right … That joke is coming up everywhere, even “you should have been here 15 minutes ago” … I was “any minute now” for 2 hours on the rail a week ago … and yesterday at Massey’s


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