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J.T. Tackle’s Squid Jigs


JT Scotchman Squid Jigs – By Jeros Tackle

I’ve been reading a lot about two multi-purpose lures lately. Specifically the JT Scotchman Squid Jigs. The Squid Jigs purport to be a fantastic go-to lure for trolling, drifting, and jigging from either land or boat. I thought these were worth a look. We’ll see if they live up to the hype or if their designs and color schemes are more apt to catch a fisherman than a fish.

JT Scotch Squid Jigs with Mustad hook

The Squid Jigs come in a variety of colors and weights. I opted to order a combo of six Squid Jigs that have skirts ranging in color from salmon pink, to white, and a glowing white. All of the jig heads are painted in a orange to green pattern as shown in the photo to the left. Packaging is nothing stupendous nor does it need to be. Over designed packaging means one thing to anglers; a higher price.

While in the packaging the jigs look like they are of standard construction. Once out of the package I immediately noticed that these jigs were made for serious fishing. The paint on the jig heads seem to be of high quality enamel. Much tougher than the standard white paint we find on garden variety buck tail jigs. I am sure a few good bumps on the rocks at Indian River Inlet will begin to mar the finish though. The through-hook design is solid. These jigs are molded around a 5/0 MUSTAD hook. The skirts are made from a heavy yet flexible vinyl material that is on par with a commercial grade silicone. A few tugs on the skirt and its still intact. These jigs have painted eyes as well as eyes on the skirt. An interesting feature. As with other jigs, you may need to open the hole where you tie your line. A couple of mine have the hole filled in with paint. This is nothing new among jig heads. Simply use a small screwdriver or other pointed tool to “punch” out the excess paint. What makes this particular jig suitable for drifting, trolling, and casting is the shape of the jig head itself. It is a slightly flattened on the line side, and has a large rounded surface on the bottom. I can see how it would easily glide along all but the most debris scattered bottom. For casting, a simple 1,2,3…bounce action should clear just about any obstacle the bottom throws at you.

Good all around quality in these jigs

The manufacturer states that these jigs are highly effective for flounder and recommend the Mustad hook be tipped with a strip of your favorite bait. Until I can get these in the water, I have to remain silent on that. The lure is coated with a thin oil from manufacturing, so I venture to say that it may take several casts and retrieves to work the oil off. Becuase of this oil, I give the JT Scotch Jig an 8 out of a possible 10…..SO FAR. Perhaps it will gain the additional 2 points by catching fish and becoming a “go-to” lure. I’ll get back to you after my field tests.

Until then, Tight Lines!!!
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